MAF Hike for Flight

We're hiking so that isolated people in medical emergencies don't have to! It's about walking in the shoes of the people we serve in isolated regions of the world. Every kilometre you conquer will raise funds for a life-saving flight.

Have you ever needed immediate medical attention? It's comforting to know that our hospitals are only a short car journey away. For thousands of people, driving is not an option. They find themselves having to trek hundreds of kilometres to reach a remote clinic. Our hikers hike to combat this issue.

Experience the adventure

The MAF Hike for Flight traverses one of the most remote areas of the Drakensberg, showcasing the mountain’s sheer grandeur. Buckle up and take a deep breath because this 5-day round trip is graded extreme. Training is essential. As part of this adventure, you will hike through rugged mountain terrain, swim in freshwater springs and conquer one of the most difficult ascents in Drakensberg.

In 2019 the HFF is for the grand Bell Traverse


Why Hike for Flight?

Can you imagine going through a medical emergency, knowing that the nearest help is several days trekking away through tropical rainforest, rugged mountain terrain or desert? Emergency flights save patients lengthy and potentially fatal overland travel. MAF performs thousands of medevacs each year. Through this inspiring adventure, you will be hiking so that the people we serve can fly. With just over R500, you can fuel a life-saving flight for 20 minutes.

How do you fundraise? OPTION 1: Ask friends and family to donate R5, R10, or R20 to every kilometre you hike. OPTION 2: Run a mini fundraiser: Bake off to take off, or Braaing for Life. OPTION 3: Get sponsorships from businesses.  If you choose to, we will open a page for you on our website. You can then send them the link to your fundraising page and watch your target being reached.

Fast Facts

Dates: 13 June 2019 - 17 June 2019
Hike: Bell Traverse
Registration: R2000
Fundraising Target: R1500 (not including registration fee)


Be part of something bigger

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MAF Medical Evacuation in Tanzania

On the 23rd January 2018 a call came in that there was a woman in labour that needed to be evacuated in the remote Maasai mountain village of Olemilei. The name of the village, Olemilei, means escarpment in Maasai because of the large mountain that the village sits on. Olemilei is a small village with a population of only around 100 people with no roads due to its location on the edge of the escarpment.    The woman was brought to the airstrip on the back of a motorbike, clearly in pain and barely walking on her own. She had been in labour for the last two days and needed to be taken to the hospital at Loliondo. Many hands helped ease her into her seat on the plane and Elisha, a local evangelist MAF had brought from Malambo to preach that day, prayed with her before the plane took off. It was a short 15 minute flight to Loliondo. Without a plane, the only other way for her to reach the hospital would have been to walk or be carried for six hours down the mountain to Malambo and then if an available vehicle could be found there, drive over rough roads for another six hours or so to the hospital at Loliondo.   On the 5th February we got a report to say that she had given birth to a little girl and both are doing well. She named her Anna.


This is just one example of a family that has received help from MAF. There are thousands of people that are served each year. In Papua New Guinea alone, 500 flights take off and land for medical evacuations each year.

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