Idols in the Fire 

Small Idols in the fire

Road travel in South Sudan is dangerous, arduous and time-consuming. MAF is one of the only safe and efficient travel options for mission organisations, such as MAF’s frequent flier, Every Village. On a regular basis, we are able to fly them into remote areas of South Sudan, such as Mvolo and Tonj.

The radio stations they operate there broadcast public health announcements and Gospel messages in local languages.

People who would never have had access to church or heard the name of Jesus are able to listen in on a daily basis.

Last year there was an increase in the number of witch doctors giving their lives to Jesus. The witch doctors’ relatives, who had heard the radio broadcasts, along with Every Village missionaries have been urging them to commit their lives to Jesus.

On a stay with Every Village, MAF pilot Andrew Parker witnessed to two witch doctors. While the missionaries prayed for them, the two men committed their lives to Christ and threw their idols in the fire as a declaration of their faith. One of the former witch doctors is receiving discipleship training and is praying to start his own church in the local community in the near future.

Andrew was able to bring an Every Village
staff member back to Kampala for a few weeks to rest and recuperate, as she spends three months at a time mentoring
new Christians in the community there. On their return they had to land in Kuajok to evacuate staff and children from the Baptist mission, as fighting was perilously close to their compound.

Praise God that MAF planes and staff remain in South Sudan to serve people living in the midst of witchcraft, war and famine.

‘The two men committed their lives to Christ and threw their idols in the fire as a declaration of their faith.’

Story by Chaundra Eagar Photos by Karyn Ball

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