Earthquake Response

MAF is currently involved in coordinated effort with other groups to provide earthquake relief and medical evacuations.

Sharing in their sorrow

2018 03 14 P2 MAH Earthquake DR. Fuma. Relief delivery. Andrea Rominger QH0A2429

Steven Eatwell continues to share about his experience in flying to devastated areas. "I did a few inspection runs across and down the strip and we decided it was safe to land as the cracks we noticed were on the sides, way off centreline, which confirmed reports from out MAF agent at Huya. As Nawi has said the people were so grateful for the plane to have come, not only for the patients and the unexpected food supplies but I felt that they also wanted to share their sorrow and their stories with anyone who could possibly help them.

The women sitting close by to the boxes of food could not keep back and after a short while crawled up the bank and hugged the boxes. It was great to be able to be there and not rush but listen to the people and to pray with them. I felt that the few boxes we took were received gratefully but were not much compared to the many people there. 

We were very touched and shaken and joined together in prayer for these traumatised people and their communities.

Steven has also visited other airstrips like Suabi, Yehebi, Fuma and others. “People have told me about dead fish and one crocodile floating down stream. I saw this for myself at Yehebi and the people informed me that there was a film on the river similar to how oil sits on water as well as a smell. They are not sure if there are still fish in the river as it is two dirty, with debris and mud, to know.“

Please pray for the people in PNG who got hit by the earthquake and now have to deal with further challenges such as lack of gardens and food and clean water.

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